Smart Media Player: The Intelligent Media Player based on Context-Aware Middleware and UBI-Sensor

C.-H. Cha, J.-H. Kim, and Y.-B. Ko (Korea)


Multimedia Information Systems, Multimedia Tools and Architectures, Context-Aware Middleware, Ubi-sensor


In ubiquitous computing environment, it is important to support context-awareness. Current researches are focusing on adaptive middleware and context-awareness from sensor data. In this paper, we suggest a context aware middleware supporting various context information, even implicit information and event from Internet. Our middleware provides (1) context-awareness and context aware API for developer to write context-aware applications easily, (2) ubi-sensor that combines sensor data and information from Internet to extend and improve context-awareness, and (3) inference engine to process implicit context information. To demonstrate use and verify design of our context-aware middleware, we implement Smart Media Player based on it. Our Smart Media Player can choose proper music according to environment context, user preference, and information from Internet.

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