mdGrid: A Novel Broadband Multimedia Content Delivery Service Grid Model

S.Y. Zhang, Z.H. Lu, and J. Wu (PRC)


Grid, service grid, multimedia delivery, content delivery, virtual organization, and e-learning


From the analysis of some hard problems faced with multimedia service technology today, we present Multimedia Delivery Grid (mdGrid) as a new multimedia content delivery scheme based on Service Grid Architecture, a new service-oriented grid middleware platform. We firstly propose Grid-based multimedia content delivery infrastructure – Multimedia Delivery Grid, and describe Intergrid system architecture. Furthermore, we analyze virtual organization relationship architecture and content sharing mechanism. As part of this study, this paper proposes a novel E-learning content delivery paradigm based on Service Grid and analyses the advantages of the paradigm. At last, we analyze the main challenges confronted in this field, and illustrate the prospective research direction.

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