Multimedia Environment for Real-Time Collaborative E-Business

V.I. Wietrzyk (Australia), M. Takizawa (Japan), and B. Grosky (USA)


B2B, Web Based Computing, Distributed Systems, Multi media Communication, Causally Ordered Delivery.


In distributed applicatios such as teleconferences, a group of multiple processes are cooperating, where messages ex changed among the processes are required to be causally delivered. The processes are exchanging kinds of mul timedia objects in addition to traditional text data. We present multimedia infrastructure that integrates continu ous real-time media streams within the WWW. B2B real time collaborative applications require participants to ex change real-time audio and video information over a com munication network. This flow of information must pre serve the causal dependency. We discuss a protocol to causally deliver multimedia objects in a group of multiple processes. We believe that the presented infrastructure will offer new opportunities for Web services.

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