Surveillance Camera System with a Wired and Wireless Network

Y. Hagiwara, T. Furuya, T. Sakurada, and T. Saito (Japan)


IP network camera, Monitoring system, Streaming images for cellular phone, Search image


The present paper describes a surveillance camera system that uses a wired/wireless network. This monitoring system is designed for use in various locations and for simultaneous searches from different locations and offers reduced operating costs. Since this system utilizes general-purpose PCs, web cameras, cellular phones, and existing networks, there is no system configuration cost. System extension and partial repair are easy. We use cellular phones that have wireless LAN capability. Thus, public network lines are used off campus, and wireless LAN is used on campus. Searching images with a cellular phone is difficult because the display of cellular phones is small. Thus, we developed a function for searching images that the user wants to watch by cellular phone. Since wireless LAN is used on campus, the transmission rate is fast. Therefore, the time required to view the captured images is short. In conventional surveillance systems, when abnormalities occur, it is necessary to conduct a time consuming search for the relevant image from among all of the images recorded on videotape. We have proposed a simple technique for showing the monitored location without the use of expensive devices such as motion detectors. In the case of an unauthorized entry into a building, the administrator is notified via movie mode on his/her cellular phone. Thus, it is possible for the administrator to access a movie of the trespass at any time.

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