The Geovideoworld: New Scenarios for Accessing Geographical Video Content

C. Crockford and H. Agius (UK)


Multimedia Content, Navigation, Geographical Information Systems


The acquisition of geographical video content is growing rapidly, raising issues of the best ways in which access to that content can be provided to the user. The easiest, and thus dominant, approach is to treat this content as regular video content and permit the user to access it via media player-like control sets. However, we argue that geographical video content can be more effectively accessed when the geographical characteristics of that content are exploited within the access interface and control set. Consequently, we propose the notion of a geovideoworld, which facilitates immersive, geographically-accurate access to the video content. We derive three media acquisition techniques that may be used to populate the world and three corresponding navigation scenarios that may be used to access the content within the world.

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