Multimedia Content Modeling with COSMOS-7

A.C. Gkoritsas and M.C. Angelides (UK)


Multimedia content modeling, COSMOS-7, MPEG-7.


With the exponential growth in the quantity of multimedia documents, it became evident that the traditional storage and retrieval methods, widely known from the web-based text search engines, are not adequate for searching and browsing of multimedia. Sophisticated techniques that allow the description of the semantics of such files are therefore developed to model store and retrieve them in an efficient manner. The goal of multimedia content modeling is to provide methods for describing multimedia content according to their semantic meaning. COSMOS-7 is a content modeling scheme that successfully describes media semantics in a well-organized structure, allowing for the description of low-level and high-level information. As a result of the increased demand from users, several proposals that model such information in various ways, covering various needs have been proposed. In an attempt to standardize the way that multimedia content is described, the MPEG-7 standard was introduced. The COSMOS-7 is therefore able to produce MPEG-7 compliant output, and can be used as a flexible tool for developing and retrieving multimedia content. Moreover, this makes it possible for future applications that will use the MPEG-7 standard to consume multimedia content produced with the COSMOS-7 with minimal or no adaptation at all.

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