Lossless Image Coding based on Fractals

D. De Schrijver, R. De Sutter, P. Lambert, and R. Van de Walle (Belgium)


Lossless Image Coding, Fractals, Attractor Coding, JPEG-LS


In some kind of applications, such as in space image re search, every detail of an image can be important. To send the information more ef´Čüciently over a network, the im age will be compressed and in the former applications that must be done in a lossless manner. After decoding, a bit equivalent version is obtained at the receiver. Therefore, the JPEG-LS standard can be used. However, this paper will introduce another approach for lossless image coding. At the encoder, we introduce a quantization error and which will be eliminated at the decoder by using an iterative pro cedure. The outcome of this procedure is an attractor (or fractal) which has to be the original image. We discuss different implementations of a fractal lossless encoder and come to the conclusion that we can achieve a compression that is comparable to JPEG-LS, but not better at the mo ment.

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