Estimating the Parameters of Linear and Quadratic FM Signals at Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio

M. Farquharson, P. O'Shea, and G. Ledwich (Australia)


frequency modulated signals, parameter estimation, signal-to-noise ratio, simulations


This paper proposes a fast algorithm for estimating the parameters of linear and quadratic frequency modulated (FM) signals at low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Many techniques exist for estimating the parameters of such signals at high SNR, but few are effective at low SNR. The new algorithm presented in this paper is referred to as the LCP (Lower SNR Cubic Phase function) technique, which will be seen to yield very accurate estimates at low SNR. In the paper the LCP technique’s threshold and computational efficiency are compared with the benchmark optimum Maximum Likelihood (ML) method. Simulations are provided to confirm the effectiveness of the LCP technique.

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