Change Detection by Thresholding-with-Hysteresis

H.-H.P. Wu, J.-C. Hsien, P.-K. Weng, and Y.-Y. Wu (Taiwan)


Video segmentation, thresholding-with-hysteresis, variable thresholding, change detection


Moving object segmentation by change detection has been a very important topic for various video applications. Change detection can be implemented by thresholding a difference image between the current frame and a refer ence frame. In this paper, a novel method of thresh olding for moving object segmentation is proposed with out using expensive adaptive background modeling. This new approach adopts the concept of thresholding-with hysteresis and utilizes a multi-resolution/variable thresh olding (MRVT) scheme to achieve improvements on the segmentation performance. Combined with simple back ground modeling, the proposed method can achieve accu rate moving object segmentation. Simulation results are evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively to show the ef fectiveness of this new thresholding scheme.

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