Temporal Video Up-Conversion on a Next Generation Media-Processor

J.-W. van de Waerdt, S. Vassiliadis (The Netherlands), E.B. Bellers, and J.G. Janssen (USA)


Media processor, temporal video up-conversion, software implementation.


This paper evaluates the performance of a temporal video up-conversion algorithm on a next generation media processor, the TM3270. Temporal up-conversion adapts the temporal frequency of a video signal to the temporal frequency of a display device. In order to improve performance, the TM3270 provides architectural enhancements over previous TriMedia processors. We quantify the speedup of new operations to temporal up conversion performance. We show that the new operations improve performance by 41%. Furthermore, we quantify the speedup of data prefetching and an allocate-on-write-miss policy. We show that data prefetching can improve performance by more than 20%. An allocate-on-write-miss policy significantly improves performance in the presence of a high latency memory subsystem. By applying all TM3270 architectural enhancements, we show that the temporal up-conversion algorithm can be performed in 17.8% of the available processor performance.

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