Perceptual Quality of Motion of Video Sequences on Mobile Terminals

S. Kato, C.S. Boon, A. Fujibayashi, S. Hangai, and T. Hamamoto (Japan)


Image quality, video sequence, motion perception, mobile terminals, and modelling


This paper is related to a quality estimation method for representing perceptual preference towards motion of video sequences on mobile phones. A time-displacement parameter S is introduced, and shown to be effective for representing perceptual motion quality of video sequences. When two sequences share the same value of S, their respective subjective assessment scores are found to be statistically insignificant. A model is constructed to associate the time-displacement parameter S to the motion quality of video sequences at decimated frame rates, in comparison to the full frame rate version. The model thus constructed is able to provide a quality measure for motion perception that is highly correlated with the results of subjective tests. Given the proposed model one can easily find the preferred frame rate for a sequence while satisfying a given requirement of perceptual motion quality. The results of an experiment to determine the viewing distance on mobile phones is also reported. The typical viewing distance is found to be approximately 350mm or 11H (H: picture height).

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