Flicker Correction using a Simplified Flicker Parameter Model

K.K. Wong, A. Das, and M.N. Chong (Singapore)


Flicker parameter estimation, motion vector compensation.


Despite active research work in the field of flicker correction, solutions to some long existing problems such as scene change, occlusion, motion smear and non translational motion etc. still remain very much elusive. In this paper, a new method has been developed that is able to provide a credible solution to these problems. The new method uses a new and simplified mathematical model to describe the degraded motion pictures on which a novel flicker correction method is developed. Test results show that this new method is both effective and competent when compared against the Roosmalen’s method. In addition, it has the added merit of being able to overcome certain shortcomings of the Roosmalen’s method and it is also computationally more efficient.

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