Application of Statistical Characterisation to the Rapid Detection of Deteriorating Modal Damping in Power Systems

R.A. Wiltshire, P. O'Shea, G. Ledwich, and M. Farquharson (Australia)


Power system modeling, power system monitoring, power system modes.


This paper introduces a method of applying statistical characterisation to the problem of rapid detection of post disturbance modal oscillations in large interconnected power systems. The characterisation is used to establish thresholds for rapid detection of modal deterioration with a defined confidence level. The method focuses on rapid detection of a significant deterioration rather than precise estimation, because the latter typically requires long time scales of an hour or more. The detection of significant modal deterioration from a known quiescent point, on the other hand, can be done in much shorter time scales (typically a minute). Any sudden detrimental change is detected via a sudden change in the energy of the system modes measured against the established threshold.

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