Virtu@l Consult@tion: An Interactive Learning Environment for Remote Medical Learning

E. Medélez Ortega, A. Burgun, and P. Le Beux (France)


Interactive learning environment, collaborative learning, distance education, computer-mediated communication, simulation-based learning.


One of the main goals in medical studies is to develop clinical reasoning skills, using the Clinical Reasoning Learning (CRL) method. CLR is a collaborative and situated learning method, based on the simulation of a medical consultation. However, during the training periods, the physical distance that separates teachers and their students, makes it difficult for the organization of these CLR sessions. The purpose of this study is to use computers during CLR sessions. On the one hand, this allows teachers and students to simulate remote medical consultations. On the other hand, this enables the use of multimedia medical data closer to formats that students will find in their professional life. In this paper, we define the communication form within a cooperative work group during a CRL session. Next, we analyze them in order to support effectively remote communication. We present Virtu@l Consult@tion, an interactive, collaborative and multimedia learning environment created to support remote CRL sessions. Finally, we describe the first experience of Virtu@l Con sult@tion and the results of its evaluation. Virtu@l Consult@tion will be integrated in the French Virtual Medical University project, and is intended to be used for undergraduate, internships, residency or continuing medical education.

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