Mobile and Pocket PC Web-Access to the Library IS as a Part of the Advanced Education

M. Arsic, D. Ilievski, A. Kulakov, V. Trajkovic, S. Kalajdziski, and D. Davcev (Macedonia)


GPRS, Mobile, Pocket PC, library, search, reservation.


In this paper, the interface adaptation for the Web–access to the Library Information System (LIS) at the Faculties of Electrical Engineering (FEI) and of Mechanical Engineering (FMI) at University of Skopje (Macedonia) will be presented. The user – friendly interface adaptation was realized for some Mobile devices with GPRS Internet and Pocket PCs. By adopting the interface to handle the mobile and wireless requests, it will be possible for the students and employees to access the LIS services, like searching data and reserving books, from anywhere in the wireless campus. Using this system, the renting of the books can be significantly facilitated comparing to the traditional renting of books from the Library. The adapted user interface of the LIS allows easy access and usage of different multimedia educational materials.

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