Multipoint Conferencing through a Satellite IP Network

N. Osawa, T. Shibuya, Kiyahiro Yuki, K. Kondo (Japan), U. Sastrokusumo (Indonesia), T. Komolmis (Thailand), and H. Kuroiwa (Fiji)


distance education, satellite communications, multicast, multimedia conference, FocusShare.


We have been developing an interactive and realtime multimedia distance education system among multiple sites using IP (Internet protocol) -based satellite networks. Video, audio, telepointers, and other data must be efficiently shared among many sites through such a network. We have therefore designed basic multicast capable networks for efficient communication through satellite communication. We have developed a set of tools, called FocusShare, which include a sender application, a receiver application, a multipoint viewer, and other tools. Using two satellite communication networks and the developed tools, we have conducted experiments in cooperation with groups in other countries to demonstrate the appropriateness of our satellite IP network, and have shown that our tool suite is useful for point-to-point and multipoint conferencing.

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