Computer-Assisted Pop-Up Design for Children: Computationally-Enriched Paper Engineering

S.L. Hendrix and M.A. Eisenberg (USA)


Educational software, Computationally-enriched crafts, Design software, Pop-ups


Computationally-enriched crafts are activities that blend the advantages of computational media with the affective, social, and cognitive affordances of children's crafts. In this paper, we describe a design application, Popup Workshop, whose purpose is to introduce children to the craft (and engineering discipline) of pop-up design in paper. We describe the fundamental ideas behind computational crafts in general, present our application in its current implementation and offer a scenario for its use, explore the particular ways in which pop-up design serves as fertile ground for integrating computation and tangible design, and discuss our early pilot-tests with elementary school children, as well as ongoing and related work.

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