PSP Web-based Log Tool in a Teaching Environment

W.-S. Yoo, S. Frezza (USA), and C.-Y. Park (South Korea)


Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI), Web Technology, Personal Software Process (PSP), Software Engineering Education, Software Process Improvement, Software Process Improvement.


PSP Log Tool, a novel web-based approach to teaching and learning of the Personal Software Process, has been developed at Gannon University for use in a classroom environment. The Personal Software Process (PSP) is a rigorous, measurements-based process designed to help software developers continually improve their process of producing high-quality code. The measurements required in learning the PSP include substantial and tedious record keeping, including transferring data between forms, clerical computations, and the update of PSP data between each project. In the past, students have relied on paper forms or spreadsheets with manual data entry. The PSP Log Tool has been developed with database driven web-technology to automate clerical tasks related to the PSP forms. This tool provides students and instructors with streamlined mechanisms to improve their personal processes. Use of the tool improves productivity, provides scaffolds to support students learning, and helps the instructor(s) manage, grade and track users/assignments in PSP. The instructor features include supporting student interaction to detect and correct problems before assignments are completed. In use for four years, the tool shows significant productivity and qualitative advantages. Tool use allows students to focus on learning the PSP, and allows instructors to focus on student learning issues, rather than PSP data collection.

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