E-MEMORAe: An Assistance Environment for E-Learning

A. Benayache and M.-H. Abel (France)


e-learning, Organizational memory, Ontology, Topic Maps.


In this paper, we present the E-MEMORAe environment, developed within the framework of the MEMORAe1 project whose goal is to evaluate the contribution of a learning organizational memory in an e-learning context. In order to develop this environment, we modeled our learning organizational memory by means of ontologies and exploit it within the framework of the B31.1 statistics course. The memory thus modeled facilitates the access to information and the relevant documents at the same time for learners and the teachers. An experiment of E MEMORAe was realized with students taking the B31.1 course at the University of Picardy (France). We present the results of this first experiment before to position our work and to conclude.

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