Learning Object Combination Support System based on ARCS Model of Motivation

I. Satoh and R. Okada (Japan)


Learning Objects, ARCS model of motivation, LOM


With the proliferation of e-learning technologies, a huge amount of learning contents has been developed, which are available on the Internet. However, as such learning contents are authored by different persons and with a variety of contents and format, interoperability and reusability problems remain. To fulfill such needs, the concept of reusable learning objects (abbreviated LO) has been proposed. In order to create a course, it is required to put together a sequence of learning objects. Another big issue in e-learning environments is that the drop-out rates tend to be higher than in a face-to-face scenario, due to the loss in motivation. To overcome such issues, in this research we propose a way to select and compose LO, taking into account the learner’s motivation. This is done by including information about ARCS motivational instruction design for the process of selection and composition of LO. Thus, the courses composed with such LO are expected to keep the learners interested, and decrease the drop-out rates.

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