Programming Exercise Evaluation Method using Code Review for Improvement of Programming Skill

S. Matsuura, S. Atsuta, and T. Fujiwara (Japan)


Code Review, Improvement of Programming Skill, Programming Exercise, Lesson Support System, Software Engineering Education


Mastery of programming skill is an indispensable matter for the education of Information Technology. If a student does not fully learn the basis of programming through a programming exercise lesson, it will become the hindrance of learning practical software development technology. A student can get deep understanding to a program by not only solving a problem, but testing the program or explaining an intention of the program. The evaluation method using the test program and code review was adopted in a programming exercise lesson so that students' programming skill and study volition may improve. We are also developing a lesson support system that provides various types of support for lessons to students through the internet. In this paper, we propose the evaluation method that was adopted for the programming exercise lesson using the lesson support system.

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