Capturing Requirements for the Modelling of Collaborative Learning Experiences

M. Caeiro-Rodríguez, L. Anido-Rifón, and M. Llamas-Nistal (Spain)


Educational Modelling languages, IMS Learning Design, Collaborative Learning, Collaborative Modelling Requirements.


The objective of Educational Modelling Languages (in particular, IMS Learning Design specification) is to provide a containment framework of elements that can describe any design of a teaching-learning experience in a formal way. They do not impose any learning approach and are pedagogical independent. In this way, learning designers can precisely prescribe their instructional and teaching strategies. The problem is that current version of IMS-LD specification does not support some coordination issues involved in learning experiences. For example, collaborative learning practices are not adequately supported because issues such as communication, cooperation, control flow, data flow, and task coupling are not completely reflected. In this paper we consider new requirements to describe collaborative learning activities based on a set of canonical behaviours and interactions.

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