A SCORM-based English Remedying Learning System for Pre-Junior High School Students

J.-M. Hsu, C.-S. Lin, H.-I. Wu, and I.-J. Su (Taiwan)


SCORM, Course Design, Learning Remedying, Group Learning, and Text-to-Speech.


In this paper, we developed a SCORM-based English learning system for pre-junior high school students. According to the group learning methods, we designed different sequencing courses for different students in this English remedying course, which conform to SCORM Sequencing and Navigation standards. We hope that learners can acquire the fittest learning contents for themselves. In addition, we also integrate the Text-to-Speech (speech synthesis) technology to help learners by using e-Learning to get the exact pronunciation on English words and sentences, without any online tutors’ assistance. By doing this, learners can achieve the goal of language self-learning.

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