Monitoring and Control Systems for Real Equipment Controlled by PLC in Education

T. Sysala and P. Dostál (Czech Republic)


Monitoring, PLC, real time, visualisation, education.


This paper is focused on education in the field Measurement and control of technological processes. In one part of this sphere students obtain theoretical knowledge in an application of commercial systems for measurement, visualisation and control of technological processes. The system is control and data are measured via a programmable controller (PLC) and as the superior systems the system InTouch, Wizcon and ContolWeb2000 were used. All systems were tested on the real equipment. The programmable controller controls the system and at the same time is a data source for master applications that are designed for the systems InTouch, Wizcon and ContolWeb2000. The contribution also describes visualisation systems and serial communication for Windows and gives the description of the ModBus protocol.

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