An Architecture for Distance Learning to Support Statistics Teaching

R. Grigorio Silva Gomes, R. Marcos de Moraes, and L. dos Santos Machado (Brazil)


Distance learning, Computer-Assisted Learning and Instruction, Teaching by Web, Statistics learning, Java application, R software.


This paper describes an architecture to support distance and present teaching composed by a tutor system. The tutor system points out fails in the student knowledge and teaches the correct steps for the solution of a problem. The system is similar to a regular calculator but presents some requirements during its use, what force the student to understand the correct use of statistical analysis. This way is possible to avoid mistakes in the use of operators and in analysis results. The tool is based in a client/server structure. The client works on parameters and restrictions and send the requests to be processed in the server. All the development of the tool was in Java and its current version implements statistical measures of center and spread of distribution.

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