From Market Learning Needs to Curriculum Design and Creation of E-Learning Contents

Á.D. de Oliveira, E.R. Fradinho, J.F. Oliveira, and A.T. Barbosa (Portugal)


e-Learning, Serious Games, Global Digital Manufacturing Strategy Curriculum, Virtual University.


This paper describes the GEM and PRIME Projects. They address the existing skills gap at engineering and management level of extended companies and products. These skills are critical to fulfil the new jobs created to design, operate and maintain the advanced manufacturing operations fully automated and flexible and reconfigurable that will coexist with the mass production handled by outsourcing operations. The sustainability of present dynamic enterprise networks requires adequate strategies that are not sufficiently covered by existing education. Current curricula often tend to emphasize theory over process thus failing to meet the needs of the global manufacturing enterprises. This has led to industries that are poor at turning innovation into successful products and slow in taking full advantage of extended enterprises and products because they lack people with the right skills. We have gathered knowledge from the curricula being used by various Universities around the World in order to create a curriculum truly in line with the global industry needs which we have also surveyed in our project. The results of GEM are presented, namely the global endorsement of its curriculum, the creation of GEM ALLIANCE (Virtual University) and the PRIME Project to create the e-Learning contents.

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