Redevelopment of a Large Engineering Course from a Traditional to Blended Model - Circuit Theory Example

J. Rutkowski, K. Moscinska, and P. Klosowski (Poland)


Advanced technology in education, web-based education, faculty development, e-learning.


Breaking down barriers to access: place and time, Present state and near future perspective of e-learning development in the ten EU Accession States will be discussed, based on example of the largest State – Poland, large State University – Silesian University of Technology, large Faculty – Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science, large and basic engineering course – Circuit Theory. Redevelopment of this course from a traditional to blended model will be discussed in detail. The AFT (American Federation of Teachers) guidelines for good practice were used as a criterion reference for assessment and analysis of the Faculty e-learning development program. Decreasing costs: content development, delivery and support constitute e-learning nirvana and, as pointed out in a brilliant CATE 2004 keynote address [4], there is a strong tension among these three objectives, as depicted in Fig. 1 QUALITY High Quality Intaractive CA Instruction CAT Computer Redesign Project ACCESS COST Mass Broadcast TV

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