Towards Development of Best Practice Guidelines for E-Learning Courses at the University of Botswana

D. Giannini-Gachago, M. Lee (Botswana), and D. Thurab-Nkhosi (Trinidad and Tobago)


eLearning, quality, benchmarking, action research


An action research study was undertaken at the University of Botswana to create an instrument to measure quality of technology enhanced, blended learning courses (eLearning) by the Academic Programme Review Unit and the Educational Technology Unit in the Centre for Academic Development at the University of Botswana. In the study benchmarking strategies were employed to develop a benchmarking rubric with which to measure specific areas of eLearning considered to contribute to good quality and best practices in the literature. In addition to development of an effective quality assessment instrument, a more holistic process for quality assurance of eLearning courses was also produced. A further outcome of the study was development of guidelines for best practice in eLearning course development and implementation. In this paper, the study and the outcomes of this action research are described and critiqued with a view to continuous improvement in the measurement of quality and the processes that support continuous improvement.

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