Implementing MITSA: Experiences with an E-Learning Web Service

R. Fraser and P. Mohan (Trinidad and Tobago)


e-Learning, Web Services, Adaptive Hypermedia, Accessibility, Reusability, Assistive Technology


The Media Integration and Translation Services for Accessibility (MITSA) is a category of web services designed to promote media accessibility of learning resources in a content package. The rigidity set out in the package diminishes the package’s reusability for meeting the demands of varying instructional settings. At the same time, there continues to be concern about providing the appropriate assistive technology that will enable a significant section of the learning community to access the same quality learning resources as other persons. One such concern is accessibility for the visually impaired. In this paper, we propose that web services can be used to facilitate the dynamic adaptation of content packages so that they can be reused in diverse instructional scenarios, and accessed by additional learners who would otherwise not be able to utilize it. We trace the evolution of service oriented approaches to e-Learning and provide details of the MITSA implementation. Finally, we discuss the experiences gained, as well as the issues and benefits that arise from implementing e-Learning web services.

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