A Distributed and Standardized Learning Resource Service Model based on Web Services

D. Wu, Z. Yang, W. Cheng, and Q. Liu (PRC)


Learning Resource Service; E-Learning Standards; Web Services


Learning resource is one of the most important materials of E-Learning. The quality of learning resource service influences the effect of E-Learning deeply. But the quantity of learning resource on Internet is very large and increasing very fast, it’s very difficult to manage so much resource with traditional methods. To manage learning resource effectively and provide a good resource service for users, the authors of this paper put forward a distributed and standardized learning resource service model (LRSM) based on Web Services. LRSM applies several learning resource standards and Web Services and provides a distributed solution for learning resource service. Learning resource standards are applied in LRSM to standardize resource so that it can be represented, packed and exchanged conveniently. Web Services is used as a loading platform and communication protocol, which makes it easy to implement LRSM with any programming language and in any operating system. To verify the capability of LRSM, we also develop a prototype system. This paper puts forward the structure of LRSM, introduces the prototype system of LRSM and concludes the advantages and disadvantages of LRSM.

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