Development and Evaluation of School Education Support System LINCS

Y. Yamamoto, S. Fujita, C. Lin, W. Schlecht, and S. Narita (Japan)


Learning Environment, School Education, E-Learning, LMS


With the progress made in technological innovation and the spread of computers and networks, online learning support systems for the Internet environment have been widely studied and developed. The authors aim to develop a comprehensive educational environment support system. It will enable students to achieve overall academic success, with a focus on the importance of face-to-face instruction in school education and on a learning cycle of three steps: preview, lesson, and review. This study presents LINCS: a comprehensive educational environment support system for the Internet environment, developed by authors. LINCS is a type of LMS (Learning Management System) and includes necessary functionality for both lessons and self-study based on decisions made through a number of discussions between the developers and teachers. In the present study, the authors aimed for effective use of e-learning materials and learning data through the introduction of the LMS called LINCS, through reducing the burden on teachers and at the same time improving lesson quality through the lesson support system. The effective use of this system should improve the quality of the learning cycle. Finally, the authors report the resuls of testing the system in actual lessons and conducting questionnaire surveys, and examine possible future directions for the present system..

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