Management of E-Learning Processes with High-Level Petri Nets

K. Keferstein, M. Mevius, and A. Oberweis (Germany)


e-learning processes, Petri nets, modeling, performance measurement


Process-based e-learning extends current approaches in e-learning by adding a process-oriented view, including teaching, learning, and administration processes. In this paper, we present a Petri net-based approach for process based e-learning management that comprises modeling, analyzing, and monitoring of e-learning processes. For the integrated modeling of the processes and the process relevant documents, a variant of high-level Petri nets called XML nets is used in our approach. In XML nets learning objects, performance indicators, and the performance measurement system are represented with XML. Simulation of XML nets allows for e-learning processes analysis on a very detailed level. For instance, it is possible to parameterize simulation runs and change target values of specific performance indicators. Thus target-oriented simulation allows for exploring different exceptional states and deploying the appropriate countermeasure before implementing the e-learning processes. KEY WORDS

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