Culturally Appropriate Web Interface Design: Web Crawler Study

I. Kondratova, I. Goldfarb, R. Gervais, and L. Fournier (Canada)


Cultural interface design, localization, web crawler.


This paper discusses issues related to the design of culturally appropriate web user interfaces in the age of globalization. A research study that focuses on the identification and rating of the visual web interface design elements that act as “cultural markers” or “cultural attractors” is discussed. A new approach to user interface development that utilizes a cultural interface prototyping tool is presented. The tool is making use of the repository of cultural elements that is being populated with cultural data collected on a large number of country specific websites. A web crawling technology that collects data on verifiable culture specific web page design elements is discussed. The cultural user interface prototyping tool could potentially save time and money, which is currently being spent by Web applications development teams on the preliminary international interface design that is frequently rejected by the local users as culturally inappropriate.

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