MapEx: Graphical Exercises based on Concept Maps for Computer Aided Learning

I. Esteban, M. Larrañaga, U. Rueda, M. Kerejeta, J.A. Elorriaga, and A. Arruarte (Spain)


Concept Maps, Computer based Concept Mapping Tools


In this paper, MapEx, a tool for designing, managing and solving Concept Map based exercises is presented. Using this tool, teachers can define and manage different kinds of exercises: free exercises (exercises without any restriction) and specific purpose exercises (exercises with particular aims). On the part of the students, they can use the tool to solve the proposed graphical exercises creating or completing Concept Maps. MapEx is valid for both assessing and teaching. In both cases, the evaluation of the students’ solutions is made engaging the teacher and the student in a dialogue that supports an incremental process of evaluation and development of the answer.

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