Systematic Approach to Advanced Training through E-Learning in Higher Education Institutions

C.V. Carvalho (Portugal)


e-learning, higher education, advanced training, lifelong learning


The effective use of e-learning in traditional Higher Education Institutions (HEI) has been proposed as a means to reach new audiences, interested in advanced, high quality, just-in-time training, dynamically adjusted to detected needs [1][2][3]. Nevertheless, in most cases, the pedagogical integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in these institutions has been confined to isolated experiments and case studies implemented by innovative practitioners. Although largely successful, as reported by the authors (see [4][5][6][7][8][9], for instance), they have not been systematically repeated and disseminated to other disciplines for several reasons: lack of institutional strategy, technology rejection by teachers, shortage of technological support and equipment, etc. In fact these initiatives have been mostly devoted to inner academic processes and have not been transferred to an advanced, post university training perspective, as mentioned before. It is therefore necessary to analyze best practice already existing in several HEI around the world and identify required conditions for success. In this presentation, the author describes a systematic approach to e-learning integration in a Portuguese HEI institution, with a mixed top-down (management teachers) vs. bottom-up integrative approach where advanced training is the main objective and compares it with other successful implementations.

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