Virtual Learner Centred Approaches for Diversity in Learning: Recent Experiments with the Use of a Blog

W. Baets (France)


Research on innovative technology based learning; Online Virtual Universities; Special conditions in developing countries.


Intercultural dialogue is today a matter of necessity, not choice. Too often, higher education is based on one prevailing cultural model: in business education it is the Anglo Saxon model. Textbooks and teaching/learning approaches are designed in order to fit that culture. Different learning approaches, translating cultural diversity, can seriously enrich mutual learning. In this paper, a different pedagogical model is proposed, that allows not only to host cultural diversity, but even more so to learn from cultural diversity. Its fundamental idea is based on a virtual, learner centred pedagogical approach that has already been tested out successfully (as described). Today we have used a BLOG (weblog) as cheap and readily available software that might have huge potential for less favoured countries and regions. Results of the present test with a BLOG are most promising as a “cheap” technological extension to the basic learning model, reinforcing the learning centred learning process. Currently we are experimenting with an integrated Wiki.

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