Actual Conditions in using an E-Learning System - Learners' ICT Literacy and Off-line Behavior

K. Yuki and C. Li (Japan)


E-Learning Material, Information and Communication Technology Literacy, Off-line Behavior


This paper shows the problems and solutions of using an e-learning system, in the limited situation of a language course in Japan, from the viewpoint of learners’ ICT literacy and offline behavior, especially traditional methods of language learning: the making of supplementary materials by learners. The survey was conducted in a course of Spanish language in a university. The results indicate the following two points: first, that ICT literacy is an important factor in the use of the e-learning materials; and second, to fill the gap between the learners, the instructor has to guide and help them carefully. The authors propose the following solutions: detailed guidance in the computer room, and preparation for the loss of account information by learners. Also, the traditional language learning method used in Japan, the making of supplementary materials by learners, is not so effective in focusing on following the guidance of the materials in e-learning. This problem suggests two additional problems: learners’ low motivation and the lack of personal ICT facilities. To solve these problems, instructors have to work outside of the e-learning system: changing the direction in the utilization of the materials and collaboration with other sections in their schools.

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