A Study of Organizational e-Learning Management System in University

W. Tsukahara, K. Seki, and T. Okamoto (Japan)


e-Learning, Learning Management System, Learning Ecological Model, and Web Based Learning


An efficient e-Learning system should provide learners with learning environment that has high degree of freedom. In order to realize this, e-Learning systems must be equipped with such functions as letting learners themselves choose appropriate learning contents and understand correctly their level of progress and achievement for each learning contents. We have been developing an integrated e-Learning environment which integrates learning history and learning content information to control each learner’s learning. It is designed based on Learning Ecological Model (LEM) and is now going to be integrated with the database run by educational affairs section. It will enable teachers to analyze e-Learning log data with learners’ academic achievements. This paper describes functions of the LMS and then reports a preliminary practice in a graduate school course. After describing our case, our current running project which involves whole faculty is explained. This project is a part of national project named “Selected Efforts of the Distinctive University Education Support Program (Good Practice Project [GP Project])”, which is supported by the ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japanese government.

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