A Study on Computer Literacy of Students at U/CJC of Technology in Taiwan

H.-G. Hsu and C.-P. Ho (Taiwan)


Computer literacy, university of technology, 2-years college


The major purposes of this research were to study student computer literacy at universities/colleges and junior colleges of technology (U/CJCT), explore related factors affecting the development and cultivation of computer literacy, and confirm a causality model for computer literacy. The survey of research was performed on 7 public or private U/CJCT, 600 questionnaires were posted. A total of 484 effective questionnaires were returned from 7 schools, the return rate was approximately 80.6%. The statistical methods used in this research included means, standard deviation, reliability analysis, factor analysis, one sample t-test, and One-way multivariate analysis of variance (One-way MANOVA). In finally, 2 conclusions were proposed in this research as follow: (1). To understand the present computer literacy of the U/CJCT students. (2). To analysis the factors that influence the computer literacy of the U/CJCT students.

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