Warehousing Marked Test Items for Course Evaluation

J. Ngwenya (Canada)


Course evaluation, data warehouse modeling.


The major instrument for course evaluation is student course evaluation questionnaires administered at the end of a course. Professors also get some insights about their courses from the performance of students in assignments and observation of students in class. There are several problems associated with standard course evaluations; evaluation is limited to current cohort of students who choose to complete the questionnaires, the evaluation unit is the whole course despite the fact that a course is composed of several distinctive learning units and learning objectives and hence learning objectives that are problematic can remain undetected in a course that is general perceived as good by most students, evaluation is limited to the single course being observed, professor’s personal insights are not formally documented and is knowledge that cannot be shared or managed. This paper presents modeling of a data mart to store marked test items. Analysis of the data mart can provide insightful evaluation of a course that addresses the problems mentioned above.

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