Signal Transduction Simulation in Nanoprocesses using Distributed Database Environment

B. Malysiak, D. Mrozek, S. Kozielski, and L. Znamirowski (Poland)


Molecular Nanotechnology, Signal Transduction, Distri buted Databases


Signal transduction executed in the signal cascades is the common term used to define a divers biochemical mecha nisms that regulate processes in the nanonetworks. The signal cascades existing in the different type of cells (for selected processes) can be retrieved from the biochemical research available in the specialized databases. In the pa per, the process of simulation of the signal transduction in bio-nanoprocesses using the distributed database environ ment is presented. Selected biological examples illustrate the complexity of the analysis process. The paper shows the analysis of the cascades’ fusions processes with the use of the Petri nets, conformation switching basing on the molecular mechanics approach and similarity search ing using the approximate retrieval methods.

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