Data Dissemination Dynamics in Mobile P2P Network

Y. Oyama, H. Sasaki, H. Iwasaki, and Y. Nishiura (Japan)


Mathematical analysis, simulation, vehicle-to-vehiclecommunication, P2P communication


We can access a lot of information and data through net works anywhere and at any time. In order to provide fast changing data that is useful to users as soon as possible, and to stop malicious data, we need to understand the char acteristics of data dissemination dynamics. In this paper, we consider a mobile P2P network and investigate the ef fect of the transmission probability on a data dissemination dynamics. We demonstrate that the transmission probabil ity affects the rapid data dissemination following power law, and the logistic equation approximates the dissemina tion dynamics. In addition, we have found the reproductive number is proportional to the square root of the transmis sion probability.

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