Software Environment for CAD and Simulation of Self-Tuning Controllers

M. Kubalčík and M. Maca (Czech Republic)


Simulation tools, multivariable systems, polynomialmethods, discrete self – tuning controllers


The contribution deals with an adaptive controllers’ library designed under MATLAB – Simulink environment. The library enables design and simulation of two input – two output (TITO) discrete self – tuning controllers. It is a completely open system based on Simulink features. The controllers were implemented as encapsulated Simulink blocks and that enables their simple incorporation into existing Simulink schemes. Design of the TITO controllers that were included into the library was based on polynomial methods. The controllers are based on various configurations of the closed loop system. Several decoupling compensators were also applied. The main idea of self – tuning controllers is discussed. In the paper are presented also several examples. The possibility of developing real – time applications using MATLAB Real – Time Workshop is discussed.

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