H8 Control based Simultaneous Quasi-Optimal Design of Structure/Controller for Parallel Inverted Pendulum Systems

C. Ishii and H. Hashimoto (Japan)


Simultaneous quasi-optimal design of structure/controller,Parallel inverted pendulum systems, H½ control


In this paper, simultaneous quasi-optimal design of struc ture/controller for parallel inverted pendulum systems based on H½ control is presented. In practical parallel inverted pendulum systems, existence of a realizable sta bilizing controller is inevitably determined depending on the position of center of gravity of two pendulums. In this paper these parameters are set as structural parameters in structural systems and a descriptor form representation is used to express the dynamics of parallel inverted pendu lum systems. A state feedback gain and structural parame ters are determined based on a design of H½ controller, in which Ricatti inequality in H½ control problem is reduced to LMI conditions and minimization problem is solved to obtain quasi-optimal structural parameters. Based on the obtained structural parameters, experimental work was car ried out. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed design method.

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