Phase Recovery from a Single Fringe Pattern Through the use of a Genetic Algorithm

F.J. Cuevas, F. Mendoza, M. Servin, and J.H. Sossa-Azuela (Mexico)


Fringe analysis, Optical Metrology, Soft computing, Genetic Algorithms


A set of polynomials is calculated to approximate the phase embedded in a single closed fringe pattern or interferogram. To achieve this goal a scanning window is used to carry out the phase recovering process, where a polynomial function is fitted over the sub-image obtained from each scanning window. The polynomial optimization is achieved by multiple application of a genetic algorithm. The process is followed by moving a scanning window over an overlapped neighborhood of a previous window, and the rocedure is repeated. Closed and sub-sampled fringe patterns with broad bandwidth can be demodulated. Results presented for closed computer simulated with around 1% relative error.

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