A Morphological Generator for the Indexing of Arabic Audio

K.F. Shaalan, H.E. Talhami, and I.H. Kamel (UAE)


Arabic Morphological Generation and Arabic Audio Indexing


This paper presents a novel Arabic morphological genera tor (AMG) for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is designed and implemented using Prolog. The AMG is used to generate inflected forms of words used for the indexing of Arabic audio. These words are also the rele vant terms in the Arab authority system (library informa tion retrieval system) used in this study. The AMG gener ates inflected Arabic words from the root according to pre-specified morphological features that can be extended as needed. The Arabic word is represented as a feature structure which is handled through unification during the morphological generation process. The inflected forms can then be inserted automatically into a speech recogni tion grammar which is used to identify these words in an audio sequence or utterance.

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