Simultaneous Intrinsic and Extrinsic Calibration of Hand-mounted Laser Range Finder

J.S. Yoon, J.-K. Lee, and E.-S. Kang (South Korea)


Hand-mounted laser range finder, parameter identification, real-coded genetic algorithm, robotic measurement system


In this paper, we propose a new calibration method based on a genetic algorithm to determine the model parameters of a hand-mounted laser range finder. A laser range finder, consisting of a camera and a laser stripe projector, is used as a sensor component of the robotic measurement system, and it measures the range data with respect to the robot base frame using robot forward kinematics and the optical triangulation principle. For the optimal estimation of the model parameters, a real-coded genetic algorithm is applied to the calibration process, which minimizes the overall residual errors between the known reference points and their estimated results. The proposed scheme identifies the intrinsic and extrinsic model parameters of the hand-mounted laser range finder simultaneously. Also it does not require good initial guesses of the system parameters to converge at a very stable solution and it could be applied to a kinematically dissimilar robot system without loss of generality.

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