Robots Behave in the Real World: Looking for Books in a Library

E. Martínez, M. Prats, A.P. del Pobil, and P.J. Sanz (Spain)


Service Robotics; Mobile Manipulators; Spatial Localiza tion; Visually-guided Grasping; Multimodal perception.


This paper describes design and implementation aspects of an autonomous robot that is intended to perform service tasks in a library. We first address problems concerning the arrangement of its components into a compact mobile ma nipulator suitable for our needs. Then, software issues are also discussed, related to the techniques that are necessary in order to navigate and to reliably manipulate books in a library. In this context, several methods are presented, con cerning book localization and multimodal book grasping. A library representation and a search algorithm are de signed which allow to efficiently find the approximate lo cation of a book, given its name. Another search algorithm is implemented, aimed at locating the exact position of the book by means of vision. We also address the problem of extracting the book from the shelf. For this, a hybrid force/vision behavior has been implemented, which uses vision for guiding the grip per to the correct book, and force for detecting contacts.

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