Dynamic Predictive Display for Teleoperation with Communication Time Delay

J.M. Azorín, J.M. Sabater, M. Ibáñez, N.M. García, and C. Pérez (Spain)


Telerobotics, dynamic simulation, virtual reality, predictive displays, time delays.


This paper presents a predictive display for teleoperation with communication time delay. The predictive display is based in a virtual environment that considers the kinematic and dynamic model of the remote robot that is controlled by the operator. Two modes of operation have been implemented in the teleoperation system: online and offline. In the online mode, the real and the virtual robot are controlled simultaneously. This operation mode is used when there is not communication time delay or there are small time delays. In the offline mode, first the operator controls the virtual robot in real time buffering the robot movements, and then these movements are sent to the remote environment where the real robot reproduce the movements. This operation mode is used when there are big communication time delays. In the paper some experimental results achieved using this predictive display are shown.

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