Intelligent System with Route Optimization for Dynamic Transport Fleet Management

D. Boto Giralda, M. Antón Rodríguez, F.J. Díaz Pernas, J.F. Díez Higuera, D. González Ortega, and M. Martínez Zarzuela (Spain)


ITS, fleet management, GIS, GSM, GPS, resources optimizing.


This paper introduces an Intelligent Transport System we called SigFlot, which is specially designed for fleet management, using dynamic information. Its main objective is to optimally manage the resources of a transport enterprise in order to achieve a safer and more efficient transport. The system consists of one set of modules which perform different jobs: communications (GSM/SMS), location (GPS), hiring / info through the Web, geographic information (GIS), route optimizing (Dijkstra algorithm and Taboo search). This application is fully developed in Java so it eases its portability to other platforms and OS.

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